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Our Rubber Crumb Frontier is a blend of rubber and UV stable resin. It is among the most versatile surfaces, able to be applied as a new surface, and as a top coat to deteriorating surfaces of almost any material.

Why Rubber Crumb Frontier?


Choose from a wide range of colors for your Rubber Crumb Frontier to style up your indoor or outdoor surface area.


Rubber cumb is resilient against wear and tear from traffic, water, heavy weights and other elements. It is low maintenance and can be washed clean with basic soap and water.


Our Rubber Crumb Frontier surface absorbs impact and is slip resistant, providing a sturdy yet soft surface, which is especially suitable for sports centers and pool decks.


We provide you with a 10 year no crack warranty. Our rubber crumb has a long life, maintains elasticity and durability. It requires less costly maintenance than any other surfacing. 

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Styles, Designs & Colours

Our rubber crumb is versatile and suitable for any environment.

From driveways to pool decks to gym mats - The Final Frontier is your go to rubber flooring supplier in the Bahamas. 

Driveways & Pathways

Our high strength resin and rubber foundation, specifically for the resurfacing and repair of driveways and vehicular pathways, utilizes more than 75% recycled materials.

The Standard Versatile Surface

Our most versatile surface is able to be applied not only as a new surface, but as a top coat to deteriorating surfaces of almost any material.

  • Resilient, able to withstand wear and tear as well as sudden damage

  • No special cleaning method or materials required

  • Customizable

  • Installed and useable within 48 hours

  • Slip resistant and shock absorbing, making your property safer

Play grounds & Gyms

For playgrounds and gym floors, we provide a multilayer rubber surface which can achieve fall height requirements of up to 16 feet.


Each layer serving a specific function:

  • The stone base provides a sturdy foundation for the play surface.

  • The impact layer is designed to offset fall shock and prevent serious injury by absorbing the weight of the fall. This layer’s size can vary depending on the property’s individual fall height requirements.

  • The wear layer is both decorative and functional by providing an active wear coat.

The Porous Surface

Our porous rubber surface can be poured in place and is designed for paving vehicle and pedestrian pathways. Its unique mix allows water infiltration through the top of the paved surface through to the soil below.


This option aids in the control of stormwater, by allowing excess water to percolate through the surface, bypassing the traditionally impervious materials to the soil beneath. 


Rubber Mats


Parking Dividers

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Manhole Covers



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